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1) [personal profile] dingsi went and created an alphabetical list of people on the love meme. Go, love them! And if you can't find someone who deserves some love: create a thread! ♥

2) Still privately being gleeful over yesterday, hahaha.

I actually went and tracked down in chat logs when we first talked (May 26th) and when I confessed the crush. It was exactly two months to the day from crush confession to relationship. It seemed like a lot longer than that, somehow.

3) Watching BSG, whoo. I'm up to S3 E7, which is pretty good considering there's like twenty episodes in a season and the episodes are an hour long. It was painful watching some of the reactions from the events of New Caprica, tbh, but the characters are recovering so that makes me squeeful again.

4) Am currently working on a story called Lizardmen in Space, which is actually being a lot of fun to write. It's turning out hilariously, too, which is good! I'm just worried it'll be a little too light-hearted for an erotica anthology, hahaha. But the characters are fun! Koit with his gay panic and Atlas with his FUCK YOU, BUDDY. I love them!

5) I've fucked with my Dreamwidth layout and I think I finally got it where I want it. The green was nice, but I'm really a purpley sort of gal.

6) I'm not going to Yaoi-con. After thinking about it and talking about it with various people, I came to the conclusion that trying to go this year would just be too stressful for too little return. I'll try again next year, when I can plan ahead and not have to worry about omgomg everything and stretch my finances so damned thin.

It's sucky, but I feel better having made the decision.
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