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Title: Orange Dragon Within Reach
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 576
Pairing: Original, m/f
Content Notes: Size difference kink. Dragons. Shape shifters. Languid sex.
A/N: Porn and an excuse to write some mindless (though not completely plotless) size kink. Written for [livejournal.com profile] writerverse's Challenge #04 - An adjective, a noun and a prepositional phrase walk into a bar...

He's always so big in this form, Tiega thinks. Not that he's small as a full human--he can't be, can't possibly be, him and his six-foot-five frame can't be anything but huge--but when he's half-shifted and those great bat-wings are folded against his back and some of his dragon-muscle comes out, plus that tail... he always seems so much larger.

Certainly he takes up more space; the first time he transformed, in the solace of Tiga's one-bedroom trailer, he nearly tipped it over with his extra weight. They've learned how to balance, since then. How to make it work, since he can't transform outside.

Can't even show his full form, and the thought of that makes Tiga's pussy clutch at his cock, and they both groan at that. "It's really that much bigger?" she asks, soft-spoken the way she always is.

He nods, leaning over her, panting hard enough that his breath moves the hair around her face. "Yes," he says, probably as evenly as he can.

She reaches up and touches the horns that sprout from his forehead--orange as his wings and tail, though not so deep a color. More vibrant, meant to attract attention. They're not sensitive any more than a fingernail is, but he still shivers because she wraps her legs around his waist, not even able to cross her ankles because he's just that big.

"Jasper," she gasps, and he pushes inside of her a little further. He can never get all the way in, never. It would rip her apart.

"Tiega," he growls, curling further, letting his lips brush her collarbones, the ends of his canines making her shiver.

"Please," she begs softly. She can never manage louder, never manage to put away her shame in the fact that she's forty-three and still wants this absurdity, this virile young man-shaped dragon to pin her against the bed and just--

He groans against her neck and begins to pump his hips into her, his hands holding her oh-so-carefully. Claws can break skin, but he's so thoughtful with them, even when he hisses out his pleasure between his teeth as she already finds herself tightening up.

She's a size queen. Tiega will admit it; she doesn't care. As long as he keeps fucking her, as long as he keeps giving her these orgasms that are like drowning and flying at the same time. She shudders through the first one, feeling a second on its heels, pushing her up and up and up and then dragging her down, taking her breath away, all the while he rocks into her and whispers her name and asks please, can he come, can he come.

"Yes," she tells him, and the rush of his semen manages to drag one last orgasm out of her, an orgasm that she didn't know she had in her.

"So perfect," he says in the aftermath, pulling her five-foot-mumbledty-inches form against him and shifting back to full human--his hair's like fire, now, almost the same shade as his horns--so he can push two fingers inside of her, playing in his semen like a child.

This virile man-shaped dragon. She sighs and curls against him, inhaling his scent, and lets herself drift. He'll be ready again soon, and she... she'll feel like she went twelve rounds with a fucking machine, but she doesn't really care.

A week is all she has left, anyway.
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