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Title: Whining is expected
Word Count: 355
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Star keeps a journal; things happen. After all, it's the end of the world, so why wouldn't they?

We found an empty plastic barrel yesterday. I don't know what it had in it, but all that stuff was on the bottom, so it was fine to use it for as close to a shower as we could come. I hadn't had one in six days; Raya said she hadn't had one since the invasion.

Guess I could write about how nice it felt to be at least halfway clean. I liked the refreshing feeling, and I liked being naked even if Raya said it was really stupid. She can go fuck herself, I think; if I didn't need a fighter to protect me (stupid pet genes) I wouldn't even bother with her. She's just so fucking contrary!

Like today we walked in silence for like, the whole day. It's taken her a couple weeks to convince her that we need to find someone who was off-grid--one of the ones that the yaras had captured who got away, you know; there's a ton of them--but now we're busy looking. I mean, you can tell them by the way they look. Not gladiators, not workers, not pets. No distinct function to them, which you have to admit is pretty weird.

And we haven't seen any. Or at least, none that are girls. We're not going to let a boy travel with us again, not after the last guy. But we're trying, really, we are. And it's nice to be clean. And I should really stop whining, but what else do you do when you're having a shitty four months and need to write things down? Whining is expected.

Raya thinks it's stupid to keep a journal, much less carry around an extra for when this one is full (getting there!) but I already wrote about what Raya and her opinions of things can do.

Anyway. I hope we can find another cache pretty soon because I feel like my stomach's eating me from the inside out. Now I've talked about food, so it's definitely time for sleep before I start thinking about it too much.

I wonder if anyone will ever read this.

-- Star


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