Nov. 13th, 2010

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1) [ profile] narroch and I found a really cool club last night! It's called the Jungle, and it's both gay and for people our age. And they really played a wide variety of music, too, which made me quite happy.

We're probably going back again tonight, because the host told us that there will be all kinds of entertainers from all over the city there + no cover charge. Whee!

As a sort of aside, I'd never gone really out dancing before the Peach party at Pride this year, and it's just... I love it. All those cliches that people write about-- it's just so fucking true, in a lot of ways, and it makes me want to write it but I really oughtn't because it's soooo over done. Maybe I'll find some way to write it at a later point, that makes it less cliché.

And I just have so much goddamn energy when I dance, too. So, so, so much fun!

2) Starting to really arrange things for the trip to LA in January. I'll be there for my birthday, and [ profile] tensergorn is going to throw me a RAG birthday party, since there are a good many RAG readers in the LA area. We've been having tons of fun coming up with RAG-related party games :3

3) Soooo behind with NaNo. But I'll catch up, it's just that I've been Doing Stuff so, yeah. I guess a bit of being behindness is allowed in that case, heh.

4) Been on a Vocaloid binge lately. Anyone have any Kagamine-centric recs? I'll take other recs too, but so far I really like Kagamine voices best.

Also, I discovered this the other day and am fucking amazed. I mean, that sort of thing isn't without precedent-- look at Gorillaz-- but look! 3D! And it actually looks real! And the animation is absolutely stellar! It's just so neat to me.


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