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Man, the whole "starting to write journal entries again" thing is harder than I expected it to be. I really have gotten into the habit of closing up completely when bad things happen or I am feeling bad; it is going to take some working for me to start opening up again the way I used to.

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In other news, I have started using Plurk again. Does anybody else here use it?

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Aug. 2nd, 2011 03:09 pm
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Man, it's been a while. Shit has happened!

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And that's the summary of the last month and a half. :D
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It's that time again: TMI time about my sex life!

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1) There is a play party tonight. My first play party! I'm really hoping that certain parties will be present (because, well, I really enjoy it when they touch me and I think that's kind of the point of a play party) and also looking forward to the demonstration on genderfucking. Dual purposes, yay!

2) I've become a more active Twitter user on the fireflieshaven account, so if you're a Twit you use Twitter, add me there if you don't already have me added at autohaptic. Just, uh, tell me who you are if it's not immediately obvious, since I don't add people back automatically. (I learned that lesson with Livejournal.)

3) Computer still dead. Hoping to see the person who's fixing it this weekend and find out what, if anything, can be done to save it.

4) Have just described 1763 to my dad as a bar. /facepalm. It's going to take an hour or two to work up to telling him what it actually is I think.

5) Is it kosher to squeal with delight when people mention working on stories for the gunplay anthology? Because I totally do. I swear, every submission is like a little gift that someone wrote just for me! :D (It doesn't hurt that I've wanted to read a gunplay anthology for years, heh.)
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Amagad, I just had a discussion with Em about words and what word we would use to represent each other. We'll be attending Poly Weekend Atlanta this weekend (yep, I am way excited, thanks for asking) and I thought that having a word other than "friend" to describe her might be important.

Fuckbuddy? Woefully inadequate, as we are also very good friends.
Friend with Benefits? A mouthful, and makes me feel like I'm still in college with no plans to graduate anytime soon. (Also, it leaves out the important fact that I really care about her!)
Girlfriend? No, that's not at all right, and I don't care to quantify why.
Paramour? Has negative connotations and I don't want to even open up that can of worms.

We ended up deciding on "lover", because it conveys generally what we are to each other, I think.

It makes me feel like, yeah, I am legit poly now (although as [livejournal.com profile] tensergorn said I have the basic poly precept that the amount of love a person has in them is not limited down and have had it down for years of my life) and I think it's just a really damn good feeling.

Who knew that identity could be so empowering! I'll have to think more on this.
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Last night I took Red Diamond ecstasy. According to various sites, it's notorious for being clean (ie, not cut with speed/meth/whatnot) but weak, so I was excited about it! Em came too, because neither of us wanted to take it alone, and I have to say: it was an amazing experience.

It only lasted about three hours, but that's barely shorter than the normal time for pure ecstasy, which is right around four hours or so.

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I took Emily out to dinner last night, for V-day. It was very nice! It's been something like two months (maybe as much as ten weeks) since I've seen her, so it felt really good to just... have my friend back, sitting there talking with me, and all that stuff.

We also talked a bit about Tens, and the reasons why I like her, etc etc. It was a good conversation for me, good to actually sit and talk about that a bit because nobody else has actually asked me those sort of things and they're questions that do need answers.

After dinner we went back to my apartment for sexytimes, and on the way we stopped and talked to someone named Amanda who lives in my apartment complex and had told me a few times that she liked girls. Amanda asked if we were drinking, and if she might join us, and of course Emily and I are both thinking: fuck yeah, threesome, so we said yes.

It took her a while to get beer and join us, during which time we reserved a room for Dragon*Con. (So, so excited about this!) It was kind of a pain, because all of the overflow places we called were booked up, and so as a kind of last-ditch resort we called the one official hotel that was fuckoff expensive but not booked solid, and found out that we could get a AAA discount that would pretty much bring the room price down to the Dragon*Con rates... blahblahblah, lots of negotiating later, we find a room at one of the booked hotels but it's fuckoff expensive so we're only booked for Friday and Saturday nights. I figure $50 for the cab back to my apartment isn't that bad, really, if we're going to have a room the rest of the time.

Anyway, Amanda finally joins us, and Emily and I are kind of, you know, making out a bit. Because we do that. It's required. And Amanda's just... watching. It was kind of creepy! Like, how are you going to just sit and watch when two girls are having sex and inviting you to join them? When one of them starts undressing you?

In the end we concluded that Amanda was remarkably straight, but it was certainly an interesting experience. Object lesson in spotting straight girls, I guess, which is always helpful!

(As usual the music is so apropos-- Amanda is blonde.)
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