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If you enjoy dark, erotic fiction and/or post-apocalyptic stories and/or fiction featuring dysfunctional relationships, I highly suggest checking out Freaky Fountain's first two anthologies. (Yes, there's trigger warnings on the preview PDFs, if you are the sort who is wary of those type things!) These guys are small press, so the cover price isn't very steep at all-- less than ten bucks for both anthologies.

I don't have a story in either anthology but I've bought them both and I'm kind of inching through Bad Romance. Mostly the inching because I'm manic and fuck manic, you know, can't pay attention to anything but boy howdy I'm trying anyway. I'll probably put up reviews for all of the separate stories when I finish both anthologies, too, I'm that fucking excited about this shit.
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I'm reading a book called Blind Passion by Penny Brandon, and I'm having a lot of trouble reading it because it's just boring. I can see what the author is doing, but the delivery seems to fall flat.

And I think it's because of the way she keeps switching POVs to let us know what both the characters are thinking. The story is less compelling when there's no unknown factor, and it also takes the focus off of a certain aspect of the story and places it on every aspect and that's just too... unfocused.

It really sucks, because the author is a good author and the writing is technically good and the editing is good so far, but like-- the story can't hold my attention, because I can't figure out what story is trying to get told and I feel like I know everything that's going on in it. There's no conflict or anything yet, either, which makes me D: because I think that might perk my interest despite the lack of an unknown quantity.

I guess it's just a good lesson for my own writing, about story-telling and making sure I know what story I'm telling and telling it in a compelling way.


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