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My mom's cat, Smitty, died this morning. Why? )

Smitty's full name was Itty Bitty Shitty Smitty Kitty, and we got him when my brother, Gene, was elevenish eightish. (Mom has corrected me on ages.) He was walking down our neighborhood street (semi-rural) and some older boys asked him to hold a black-and-white adolescent kitten and then ran off as soon as the cat was in Gene's arms. Gene brought him home, and we, having ~7ish cats (all of which were indoor/outdoor cats with our five acres of land) didn't mind adding one more to the family.

(Or at least that is the way I remember it, but then again, I was 11ish at the time...)

The cat responded to "kitty" so we decided to name it something that rhymed with that, so as to not trouble him too much with learning a name. Thus, Smitty, who was already proving himself to be a master of mischief, and earned his full name at the same time he was named Smitty.

He got along well with one of the other cats, Junior, and the two of them were constantly playing around/tom catting. Smitty was always, always very concerned with protecting the perimeter of our property from other cats; he came home with scratches fairly often throughout his life, but they were always in the front.

It was a long, long time before Smitty came home with wounds on his backside; I think the first time was either early this year or late last year. So, when he was around 15 years old. He stopped tom catting as much, when he started to come home with wounds in the back more often, and in spring went deaf slowly and over summer his mind faded in and out of dementia.

He often had bouts where he'd walk around wailing for a while and then be fine at the end of it, or even in the middle if you came up on him. I don't think he was in pain, it was just that he wasn't quite right in the head anymore. He was happy, though, if still violent: he killed birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and whatnot nearly every day. Still a hunter, even though he wasn't a protector anymore.

So, goodbye, Smitty. I know mom buried you within sight of the bird feeders, and I think you had a really good run. I'll miss you, but now you're in a place where you can hear and are fully functioning mentally. I hope Junior's there with you.

Gonna go cry a bit more, now. Rest well, Smitty.

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Wanted to post this separately from the APW stuff just in case someone ends up finding/linking to that, heh heh heh.

1) Went and saw Sucker Punch. My immediate reaction upon seeing it was to rage, but upon thinking and discussing it more with people, I think that this movie brings a very valuable element to the table but other people have already said this far more eloquently than I am able to.

2) Sweat lodge on Saturday. This is the e-mail I sent [livejournal.com profile] tensergorn when I got home:

Read more... )

I felt a bit better on Sunday when I went over there to help take down the lodge. I brought Puffin with me, since I'm going to be house-sitting their house for ten days at the end of May and Puffin will be coming with me.

Oh. My. God. Puffin had so much fun. She was constantly running around, smelling things, and like a bouncy, happy sort of running around. It was soooo cute! And she made friends with the pony, Bolt, who is very human-shy. They touched noses, and it was just the cutest sight ever, this stocky pony stretching out his neck and puffin stretching out her neck and their noses just barely touching.

I stayed out in the field for probably an hour just writing, and Puffin just ran around the whole time-- a lot of the time near Bolt too, which made me smile. I felt very good by the time I left.

3) Em and I attended the Whippersnappers Atlanta Meet & Greet at Manuel's Tavern on Thursday. Abby, Noel, and Art were all there so it was just wonderful to get to see all of them again. I ended up getting uhhh pretty trashed. I think the Triple Sec was what did me in, in the end.

I completely forgot the name of the girl who ended up giving me a scalp/neck/shoulder massage, (she had very nice tits, I must confess, and nice thighs as well) but all I can remember from the end of the night is that it felt like so many people were touching me and it was just such an awesome feeling. I didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed to be the center of attention for once, which was another boost for me.

(Also, I got to kiss both Noel and Art. Fsdlklsadsk I love kissing people; words cannot express this adequately.)

On a related note,

4) I will be attending Frolicon. I've made arrangements for Puffin; I have a pre-reg; Em and I will either find a room with some floor space and crash there or sleep in the car. We'll bring blankets and shit again either way, heh heh heh.
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1) I taught my dog "sit" and "(lay) down" recently, and so every day I go through the commands with her whilst playing, mixing the training in with general wrestling around on the floor and having fun and stuff.

But she's started now to just lay down whenever she sees the treat, lol. I'm trying to teach her how to do "shake" next, with the paw, so it's kind of frustrating but mostly it's just funny.

2) STAR DRIVER. OH MY GOODNESS. I'm so pleased with this; BONES is doing a fantastic job with the animation so far. God why can't they have done this well for Gundam 00 =_=;;

Also, for anyone wondering what it's about: it's pretty much magical pretty boy mecha. No, really, there's a scene where the main boy (whose title is Galactic Pretty Boy-- direct translation, k) starts out naked and blacked out and ends up dressed FABULOUSLY. Oh my god it's amazing why didn't this come out years ago~~

edit A gif of the transformation sequence. /edit

3) We (that would be [personal profile] smutforbrains and I) are only two scenes from being done in The Song That Doesn't End Magic Of Lacy Underthings. This is magical and wonderful! It now appears we'll probably finish at about 35k, hahaha. So much for realistic estimates! (Although, I blame Typo-- she writes scenes much longer than I would write the same scene, so it throws off my guestimates.)

4) For some reason I keep not telling IRL people that I have a girlfriend. Like, I could have told my aunt and totally just... didn't. I know most of it is because I'm just skipping over having to explain the concept of bisexuality to people whose sexual field of vision is very limited, but it still just makes me feel silly.

I mean, so what, I explain that I'm bi, the world doesn't end with that. It's just hard because I've sat on it for so many years and just been functionally heterosexual since it was easier (and I'd been burned badly by a relationship with a girl and had no desire to repeat this).

And now with it becoming accepted and seeming to be the new it-thing, it makes me feel less valid rather than more, because all of these people are coming out as bisexual and yeah that's great but-- but I don't want my family to think that I'm just doing it because of that. My mom knows and has always known, but... I'm not even sure where I'm going with this, but I'll have to rectify the problem soon because I don't enjoy lying, even only by omission.


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