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1) The results of my writefagging for /y/, for any interested parties. Yet again people catered to my home fandom (that would be G00) but there was a rash of weird requests in there too-- Mr. Opportunity/Esurance Guy, for one. Go forth and read! But keep in mind that the last five or so were written whilst running a fever and attempting to cough up a lung.

2) Oh my god, am I ever sick. Physically, I mean. I normally get the flu once a year-- I lucked out on it when I moved to Boston and didn't have it two years in a row, then I had it last year and ended up getting bronchitis and now I have it again this year and I feel worse than I did with the bronchitis. I'm not sure how that works out, but it does.

And I was really not well enough to have a two hour conversation with [profile] tensergorn but I don't care, I wanted to talk to her, I needed to hear her voice and reassure myself that things are at the very least not falling apart. So. I REGRET NOTHING.

3) New Star Driver this weekend @(@&^&*@# YESSSS

4) Debating on moving to LA instead of middle-of-nowhere Oregon. I mean, I was thinking Portland or Sacramento but if things go well when I visit LA then I'm fucking going there. I don't want to have to learn to drive and afford a car and blahblahblahonandon. I just hope my dad would still be willing to pay for it. (Then again, it was kind of the stipulation of moving me out of Boston-- that he would move me somewhere I did want to be...)

5) I need more DW icons.


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