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Exhibit 1:

Released February, 2010

Exhibit 2:

Released September, 2010

And both are from SME.


For some reason the Youtube videos don't show up on DW. Click the crosspost link!
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A few cool things:

Tuneage - a blog for anyone who likes a wide variety of music. Hoshit, these people got everything and they're normally (for me) spot-on about the quality of the music too.

Elbo.ws - Music blogs out the wazoo, but they vary in quality but they normally have downloadable content so that's a plus.

Blog @ Sinthetik.com - just a lot of cool stuff, though I will warn that it's not always safe for work and the NSFW stuff is not behind cuts, so keep that in mind when approaching this site. I really like the fact that a lot of the pictures this person posts are women that are bigger. It helps to remind me that yes, overweight girls are pretty too.

[livejournal.com profile] everydayprompts - A comm I started because I couldn't find a community that was only prompts. No people posting crap, just prompts, pure and simple. Yay~!

In other news, I wish DW had LJ's last-fm thing, because I really like that.
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1) My dog keeps waking me up at 6 in the morning to go out. /facepalm.

2) Really enjoying Little Boots. Why did I never hear this artist before? So awesome!

3) 100 truths meme! Read more... )
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1) Writefagging for /y/ again. As usual people are trying to stump me with AMAZING images and I'm having the time of my life. Go, post things for me to writefag! Bonus points for G00.

2) I might be taking over Admin duties at Erotic Writer's Association. I need a few questions answered first, but-- it's not like I don't have the time for it. And it's entirely likely to spur me to write more porn, and that's never a bad thing now is it? :D

3) The more I listen to The Black Ghosts the more I like them.

4) Short post is short.


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