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Thanks to IRC, I'm trying to come up with a list of movies that were really awesome when we were kids but are still good now that we're grown-up too. Feel free to suggest things!

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This list is AKA "Movies every kid should see", heh.
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Dear World at Large,

It's fine if you don't like celebrities, and don't want to hear about them. I actually agree with you a bit, because I don't normally give much of a rat's ass about them either.

But this whole thing with Charlie Sheen? It's a very classic case of undiagnosed bipolar, and it's important that people know that having and NOT treating (or self-medicating with drugs/sex/whatnot) mental illnesses is dangerous and debilitating.

So, really, please continue disliking hearing about celebs because it makes me respect you. But don't whine over being sick about hearing about Charlie Sheen, because in this case it's not just about a celebrity.

It's also about raising awareness of mental illness, and that subject matter is kind of important to me.

Thanking you muchly,
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Dear Author Who Shall Remain Nameless,

If you make your custom journal pages have size six dark grey serif font on a light grey background, I would go blind if I were to try reading your story. Therefore, I'm skipping it.

Try making your journal legible next time.

No love,

Dear computer,

Please stop messing up while I'm playing Starcraft II. I'd like to get through the Terran game before the next one comes out!


Dear Star Driver episode 7,

I think filling your own prompt is kind of bad form, but I really want to write this now that I've gone and prompted it.


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Dear People Who Delete Their Journals,

Before deleting your journal, please make sure you exit all of the communities you're in. I know this seems like a silly request, but I just got through going through 45 pages of members for [livejournal.com profile] yaoi and cutting it down to 40 pages just by removing deleted journals!

It was kind of a pain, so if you'd do this the next time you delete your journal I would be much obliged.

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/falls over dead.


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