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On my way to a write-in yesterday, I had some guy hitting on me on MARTA. I told him, I'm not into guys, because I didn't feel like dealing with his advances. He backed off for a minute or so, and talked to his friends, and then he started talking to me again, about how big his dick was and how there's nothing like a black dick, dicks are so awesome, etc.

So I looked at him and said, "If dicks are so awesome, why don't you try them?"

He stopped for a minute, and then kind of heh-heh'd uncomfortably. "Why would I wanna try dicks? I ain't gay."

"Because they're awesome. You're sitting here telling me that, but clearly you don't believe it or you'd be gay."

And he laughed, shaking his head. "Man, I ain't had anybody question me like this before! You somethin else, girl. Gimmie your number."

So of course I refused, and he started in on about how awesome dicks were, etc etc. This time I tried a different angle, "Man, you know, I'm just like you: I don't want any dicks. Can't you understand that?"

He paused, looking a bit like a fish out of water. "Naw, girl, you'd like black dick. It's the best."

I just stared at him, not saying anything, and he starts laughing uncomfortably again. "Oh, right, I guess I should try it before I say that..."

I lol'd. And then the rest of the ride to the write-in, I thought about something he'd said: nobody had ever questioned him before. Our society is so homophobic that they can't look at a guy talking about how awesome cock is and say, "why don't you try it?"

It's kind of amazing, really.
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Drag show tonightttt. My first ever. As one of the queens we talked to later said, "Honey, you just got your cherry popped by twenty drag queens. That's what we call a gang bang."

Though that's not quite right, because there were 17 queens and 3 kings (!!!) so... Yeah, it was fucking awesome.

And the dancing after the drag show was fucking awesome, too! Like last night (which was better than it was at My Sister's Room) x5 or something, heh. I always end up so fucking sweaty but I don't care because I'm having fun so :D :D :D yeeeeeah

Okay I'm still a little tipsy I think. Not drunk, because I'm not making many typos, but I without a doubt got myself a good little buzz going on.

I also tried my first Loko tonight. It's an energy drink that's 12% alcohol, only the alcohol in it must be at least halfway good shit because it didn't make me sick! I mean, I only drank half of one, but usually cheap alcohol makes me yak no matter how much or little I have. (One of the lessons I learned partying with Anons back in Boston.)

Speaking of Anons, I totally skipped out on the protest today. I was exhausted from dancing+lack of sleep and I stayed home to write and nap instead. I regret nothing.

Actually, I think I regret that I didn't write more. I'm back up to being almost 5k behind on NaNo =/

But the drag show? Worth it. Totally. I keep having these OMG HUGE events being my first things (my first time dancing was at the Peach party, which was omg huge and according to Emily the best dancing she's ever had, and she's been to a billion clubs) and I'm probably going to end up spoiled by it sooner or later! Ah well, I still foresee this happening most weekends.
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So, Pride! Let me say first: I had never been to a Pride event before, but I thought I should go to this one because my BFF was volunteering at it and I have a girlfriend now.

It got rather long )
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1) Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] narroch06, I'll be going to Gay Pride at the Georgia Aquarium tonight, with a VIP pass. /fistpump! It will be awesome.

2) @(*)$*& STAR DRIVER KINK MEME fffff. I'm eyeballing the Takuto/fapping prompt with glee. Maybe tomorrow before I head out to Pride.

3) [livejournal.com profile] kyofujimiya is buying the Lu-wen + sleeping head + DIM Jeremy head. OMG, I'm so excited! Not for the money, more for the chance that someone will get to enjoy the doll more than I have. That's all I really wanted, tbh-- someone who'd take them and play with them instead of letting them sit around and collect dust.

4) I have such an urge to write something based on RAG!Ali with a bonus Setsuna and Saji, the way Quantum Fighters is based on pre-Anything Halle/Al. Would be awesome y/y?? (I figure I can't go wrong, with the way it seems like Ali is everybody's kink in RAG.)
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1) I taught my dog "sit" and "(lay) down" recently, and so every day I go through the commands with her whilst playing, mixing the training in with general wrestling around on the floor and having fun and stuff.

But she's started now to just lay down whenever she sees the treat, lol. I'm trying to teach her how to do "shake" next, with the paw, so it's kind of frustrating but mostly it's just funny.

2) STAR DRIVER. OH MY GOODNESS. I'm so pleased with this; BONES is doing a fantastic job with the animation so far. God why can't they have done this well for Gundam 00 =_=;;

Also, for anyone wondering what it's about: it's pretty much magical pretty boy mecha. No, really, there's a scene where the main boy (whose title is Galactic Pretty Boy-- direct translation, k) starts out naked and blacked out and ends up dressed FABULOUSLY. Oh my god it's amazing why didn't this come out years ago~~

edit A gif of the transformation sequence. /edit

3) We (that would be [personal profile] smutforbrains and I) are only two scenes from being done in The Song That Doesn't End Magic Of Lacy Underthings. This is magical and wonderful! It now appears we'll probably finish at about 35k, hahaha. So much for realistic estimates! (Although, I blame Typo-- she writes scenes much longer than I would write the same scene, so it throws off my guestimates.)

4) For some reason I keep not telling IRL people that I have a girlfriend. Like, I could have told my aunt and totally just... didn't. I know most of it is because I'm just skipping over having to explain the concept of bisexuality to people whose sexual field of vision is very limited, but it still just makes me feel silly.

I mean, so what, I explain that I'm bi, the world doesn't end with that. It's just hard because I've sat on it for so many years and just been functionally heterosexual since it was easier (and I'd been burned badly by a relationship with a girl and had no desire to repeat this).

And now with it becoming accepted and seeming to be the new it-thing, it makes me feel less valid rather than more, because all of these people are coming out as bisexual and yeah that's great but-- but I don't want my family to think that I'm just doing it because of that. My mom knows and has always known, but... I'm not even sure where I'm going with this, but I'll have to rectify the problem soon because I don't enjoy lying, even only by omission.


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