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1) Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] narroch06, I'll be going to Gay Pride at the Georgia Aquarium tonight, with a VIP pass. /fistpump! It will be awesome.

2) @(*)$*& STAR DRIVER KINK MEME fffff. I'm eyeballing the Takuto/fapping prompt with glee. Maybe tomorrow before I head out to Pride.

3) [livejournal.com profile] kyofujimiya is buying the Lu-wen + sleeping head + DIM Jeremy head. OMG, I'm so excited! Not for the money, more for the chance that someone will get to enjoy the doll more than I have. That's all I really wanted, tbh-- someone who'd take them and play with them instead of letting them sit around and collect dust.

4) I have such an urge to write something based on RAG!Ali with a bonus Setsuna and Saji, the way Quantum Fighters is based on pre-Anything Halle/Al. Would be awesome y/y?? (I figure I can't go wrong, with the way it seems like Ali is everybody's kink in RAG.)

For Sale

Oct. 7th, 2010 02:42 pm
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So I've been thinking about something for a while. Not terribly long, because it's only been a couple months, but at least since I decided that I wasn't going to live in Atlanta any longer than I had to.

I'm going to sell my dolls. Not all of them; I'm keeping Ash and Ion. Ash is too special for me to sell (you never really get over your first, do you?) and Ion is too personalized (lol permanent modding) but the rest will go.

So, I turn to you, my flist, since all of my DoA feedback is four to five years old at this point. I am selling the dolls very cheaply, and the extra heads I will give away for whatever price you can afford. It's my hope that someone who's wanted to get into ABJDs but hasn't due to the price or wants to mod/paint and needs a practice head will be able to take these off of my hands.

I have: Read more... )

Also, if anyone wants some fabric for an early Christmas present, I have plenty of that too. All you have to pay is shipping.


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