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Challenge: To write dust-jacket blurbs for stories. I chose to do it for stories that are already finished!

Chip Off the Old Block
Ardal knows the "legend" of the wizard in the mountain is a load of steaming, stinking bullshit, but the only way to prove it is to climb the mountain and make the wizard in the mountain teach him how to master his own fire talent.

Moyra, the wizard in the mountain, is a bit more than he bargained for, though, and making her do anything is a big joke because she's more stubborn than Ardal's dad. Not more stubborn than Ardal, though—and he proves it.

The Magic of Lacy Underthings
Corin might be the youngest between himself, Simeon, and their mutual friend Etienne, but when it comes to matters of love he doesn't act like it. It might be lacy panties that bring these three guys together, but Corin's the one who makes it work, and sex is how he does it. Lots and lots of sex.

When you live on top of other people, the way that they do on the ship, there's no privacy. So everyone knows that Capa and Mace have this thing where they hate each other and they tease each other and it's not healthy, but going on a mission into the sun isn't healthy either, so Capa figures that it's the best option of a bad lot. Until it isn't, and that's when things really get interesting.


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