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Things keep breaking in the house that I'm currently living in. It's just annoying and rahh-inducing because we got a lot of the same things fixed six months ago. The house isn't that nice anyway, very old and drafty and the utilities are crap. And there's literally nothing near enough to walk to but the MARTA (mass transit) station--which is still a good fifteen to twenty minute walk--so it's always such a pain to buy groceries and bring 'em home. We're definitely not going to renew the lease, which means...

I am back in the business of looking for a new place to live! One possibility with living with a writer friend didn't pan out, so I'm looking at other places. I have a possibility to live with a house full of awesome queer people and I really would love to live in this place, but the dates are like two months off (They need someone in September, I would be moving in November 1) so it really wouldn't work with me living there unless a minor miracle occurred. Which it may.

I'm going to cross my fingers, but also look at other options. Unfortunately, Craigslist ads thus far seem to be so short-sighted that I can't find any shares that are available in November. I am going to keep looking, though!

Worst case scenario, I use Craigstlist to put together a group of queer people. It would be a lot of work, but I think also very rewarding in terms of finding a place to live and people to live with long-term.

Murr. I guess that's it for now.
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