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I guess it's time for my once-every-few-months life update. Bullet points!

▫ I will be moving in November, and and not moving in with my current roommate again if I can help it. I have two alternatives lined up, so far, though neither are ideal, but you know what? I am not doing this crap again.

Things are just miserable when I live with her, because she feels no need to take responsibility for cleaning anything. Including trash, dishes, etc, and her reason for this? "My tolerance for dirtiness is just higher than yours", implying, of course, that because it bothers me I am the one who is responsible for cleaning things. I did dishes yesterday for the first time in ten weeks--yes, ten weeks--and it took me twenty minutes to do all of them.

It's ridiculous that she respects me so little that she doesn't care to dedicate less than twenty minutes once a week to something that would make me immeasurably happy. She'll buy me ice cream and stuff if she's at the store, but household chores? Forget it.

▫ I've been... kind of dating, I guess, this guy named Art. He's got DID/MPD, though he is too integrated to be called proper DID by the DSM. This isn't a bad thing. I'm... I dunno, I like spending time around him, but at the same time I'm not in love with him. He's cool people; I'd be sad if I couldn't see him anymore, but not heartbroken.

▫ Mom's recovered almost completely from her brain surgery stuff. She's back working full-time at both her jobs and only has minimal pain, which means the surgery was a success. This is good.

▫ My sister-in-law, Shea, is at the hospital today having labor induced so she can have her second kid. The pregnancy has been very hard for her, but I am excited that I get to be an aunt (again) even if I'm kind of jealous about the kids part. I'm glad she's made it through the pregnancy, though.

▫ The mental health program I attend, Vistas, has restructured itself and now has an advanced group again! I am excited about this; I was in an advanced group before and I much prefer the focus on daily skill use because I've been in DBT for three years now and the part I am missing is finding ways to use it in my daily life. This should help me a lot!

As far as my individual therapy goes, I haven't seen my therapist since, uh... April. >_>

Yeah, I know. My doctor yelled at me for it pretty severely so I have an appointment on Wednesday next week, and I am going to try my best to go in there and do some real therapy work but... my experiences with this therapist make me feel discouraged about the likelihood of this actually happening. I am trying to be optimistic, though.

▫ I edited 273 pages in 15 days during June. It was insane and I never want to do that much in that little time again; I feel like I did a shitty job compared to what I am capable of because I was so rushed. I also feel like I missed a fair bit of family vacation due to editing time.

▫ Family vacation this year was a ton of fun, even though I didn't get to bring anyone with me! I did get to meet Uncle John's sister Lisa and her partner, Sue. They are wonderful people and their kids are wonderful and I look forward to them coming again next year if the dates work out right.

My family said that they saw more of me than they usually do, though I felt like I missed a lot. So I'm glad that they weren't upset by it, though I am still sad that I missed the one day it was safe to swim in the ocean. I now know, though: never go to family vacation when I have editing to do or something will end up suffering.

▫ I seem to have developed a milk intolerance. I'm hesitant to say lactose, because I am just fine eating various types of cheese, but every time I eat ice cream or drink a glass of milk I end up with the runs. I've been doing my best to avoid it, but I had some ice cream for the first time in two weeks this morning and now I'm miserable.

Milk/ice cream are one of the things that I love, so this is really sad to me.

▫ Related: I went and saw an OB-GYN for the first time in three years last week, because I hadn't been the entire time I had no insurance and I'm still sexually active. It's one of those things that mom taught me: you go to the GYN even if you hate it because there might be things going on down there that don't show on the outside and if you value your vagina, you'll do it.

And I do value my vagina, thank you very much. Everything appeared normal, but I'm still waiting on a call back about my pap smear and the hormone/thyroid levels. The latter was something my old gyno monitored closely, because I have unusual levels, so this gyno is going to continue in that vein.

▫ The place I lived where I lived where the ceiling fell in and they subsequently discovered extensive long-term mold damage and did very surface fixes and I had to live in a mold-infested apartment for months, then gave them thirty days notice and moved the fuck out of there as soon as I got a chance... they're pursuing legal action. I got a call and a letter from the law office a couple days ago.

I explained the entire situation to them; it remains to be seen whether they'll be coming after me or not. I did also tell them that I receive $760/month and it was impossible for me to spare even $100/month to pay the debt, so we'll see I guess. I'm trying not to worry about it because there's really nothing I can do, but it's hard not to worry sometimes.

▫ I have been taking a break from writing and editing the past couple days; I only write if I want to write, because I've just been pushing myself way too hard and my fragile little brain can't handle it. I've been marathoning SVU and True Blood alternately and it makes me think of "What if in a world like True Blood there was a special vampire crime unit!" -- No, I am not going to write this.

▫ Lately I have refrained from interacting with certain people and it has really helped my stress level go way down, even if it kills my social life. But it's worth it; I don't like feeling stressed and not hanging with these guys has helped me feel so, SO better in terms of just running even-keel instead of being off-kilter all the time.

▫ I have been failing miserably at keeping my author blog going, and I think I am going to start writing in it again. Maybe. I want to, but I always find myself censoring--same as I do in this blog. I don't want anyone to think ill of me!

▫ The current [community profile] smut_fest round is alternate history/steampunk etc, and I am so excited about this. Not for the steampunk, but for the alternate history. It makes me happy!

▫ I need to re-evaluate my 2012 goals, but I'm going to do that in another post.

And that's all I can think of!
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