Jul. 28th, 2012

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Author: [personal profile] kkscatnip
Fandom/Pairings: Original characters (f/f, m/f, and m/m pairings)
H/C: arrest, atonement, bites, blood loss, bullet wounds, combat, deprogramming, difficult pregnancy, disappearing, falling, fire, first transformation, food poisoning, hazing, isolation, major illness, minor illness, moving, nervous breakdown, ocstracized from society, rape/non-con, secret identity discovered, septicemia or infected wounds, unconsciousness, unwanted transformation (card is here)
Total wordcount: 20,951
Warnings: Next to the prompts if there are any for that section.
Rating: PG-NC-17 (heavier on the PG side than the NC-17 side)
Summary: I made up a universe with six characters and all of these prompts center around them. The prompts are interconnected in many cases and meant to be read in the order that they are posted here. The stories don't have titles and some of them are directly connected but for the most part they're complete little snapshots of the characters' lives at that point in time.

unwanted transformation Read more... )

bites Read more... )

combat Read more... )

hazing Read more... )

major illness Read more... )

rape/non-con Read more... )

nervous breakdown Read more... )

difficult pregnancy Read more... )

fire Read more... )

septicemia or infected wounds Read more... )

ostracized from society Read more... )

first transformation Read more... )

WILD CARD (moving) Read more... )

minor illness Read more... )

isolation Read more... )

atonement Read more... )

falling Read more... )

unconsciousness Read more... )

bullet wounds Read more... )

arrest Read more... )

secret identity discovered Read more... )

food poisoning Read more... )

deprogramming Read more... )

disappearing Read more... )

blood loss Read more... )


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