Jul. 5th, 2012

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Failing utterly at posting any journal entries. Here's a meme instead:

that 'ask your pairing mundane questions' meme )

I wonder what it says that three of my four kind-of contemporary pieces are OT3s and not pairings, heh heh heh.

In other news, my [community profile] smut_fest fics are up for this round:

On The Turning Away - LJ; DW
Pairing: m/m
Warnings: Underage (14-15), grooming, rape/non-con sex, dub-con situation in general, non-POV character death, extremely abusive relationship, happi endo
Word Count: ~15,000
Summary: In a world where demons torture humans for fun, religions are based on how they deal with the threat of demons. Ziyans offer up their priests--people often purchased as children from impoverished families--for the greater good. But is it really worth it? Can any good come from consorting with demons?

Chip Off the Old Block - LJ; DW
Pairing: f/m, mention of f/f
Warnings: Older woman/teenage boy
Word Count: ~6,900
Summary: Ardal's bound and determined to have General Moyra Hattikar train his fire talent. She refuses to teach him to kill people with his talent, but he is too stubborn to take no for an answer.
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I guess it's time for my once-every-few-months life update. Bullet points!

It's a long list. )


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